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Dawn of Imagination gives the children the keys to success in a safe, engaging and fun learning environment

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Our Vision

Dawn of Imagination helps every child become the very best version of themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the creators and innovators of tomorrow. We help our students discover their strengths and essence qualities to allow them to shine and ultimately change themselves and the world.

By giving students the safety and freedom to learn, explore, and create using their unique style, Dawn of Imagination encourages individuality and divergent thinking while teaching student how to fail and succeed.

Safe, Caring Space

Cross-curricular Hands-on Experiential Learning Exciting Projects

Keys To Success Self-Confidence Growth Mindset Logical Thinking Critical Thinking Adaptability Communication Skills Essence Qualities

Caring & Safe Learning Environment

Students become a network of mutual support and inspiration that allows them to take the steps to learning without fear of imperfection stopping their progress.

Taking away the stress of perfectionism frees students to be able to get down to the business of working and creating.

Engaging, Fun, Experiential Projects

Regardless of the topic, our students are excited to learn and are eager for our classes as they gain experience and skills by working on interesting, real-world projects. Taking away the stress of perfectionism frees students to be able to get down to the business of working and creating.

Divergent Thinking is Celebrated.

Students are encouraged to make each project their own.

Transformative Experience

Understanding, acceptance, and challenging projects are keys to growth and change.

When a child is excited about learning and feels safe in the learning environment, transformations occurs. That discovery and excitement helps students to overcome some of their difficulties.

Whether their challenge is attentional issues, or shyness, or perfectionism, that engagement in the project coupled with feelings of safety allows them to grow. There is no need for perfectionism. It is discouraged.

There is no need to get it right the first time.

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